Review: A Bittersweet Farewell to ‘Ted Lasso’

Rania Baamrani, Staff Writer

“Do you know what the happiest animal on Earth is?”

According to Ted Lasso, it’s a goldfish due to its 10-second memory! In fact, Ted Lasso just premiered its series finale at midnight on May 31st. Ted Lasso, available on Apple TV+, is set in Richmond, England, with a mesh of American and English culture and customs. However, Ted Lasso isn’t just your average TV show. The Apple TV+ show centers on the English Premier League, meshing soccer (or “football”) with a compelling plot and developing characters. Don’t fret yet though, even if you’re not into soccer or athletics, Ted Lasso will make sure to pull you in by either gravitating you to a parasocial relationship with its fictional characters or through sentimental and touching scenes. Furthermore, Ted Lasso and its characters all stand out throughout the show as a product of its impeccable writing. 

Ted Lasso

Firstly, Ted Lasso is the character that is firstly presented in the show and continues on to be the central figure in the show. From the moment the show begins, Ted Lasso’s character is conveyed to be an upbeat, all-around likable individual, that simply nobody can get themselves to hate, no matter how hard they try. Ted Lasso is known for his funny quotes and sayings, like mentioned, but aside from this we don’t get to see too much about him. However, when Ted Lasso gets a visit from wife and son, we begin to see a side of Ted Lasso that wasn’t particularly expected. Without spilling any spoilers, from that point on, we begin to see a more vulnerable and fragile Ted Lasso, with the show narrowing on serious topics such as mental health issues, struggling with a lack of a parental figure, and the unfortunate yearning for his family back in the United States. Ted Lasso, through its effort in Ted Lasso’s character and development, further established the show to welcome discussion on many real life issues. 

Jamie Tartt 

The character with the most character development in my personal opinion, as well as one of my favorite figures, includes Jamie Tartt. Again, without any excessive details in order to spare any spoilers, Jamie Tartt is presented in the beginning of the show as a majorly disagreeable person. Immediately off the bat, Jamie Tartt is conveyed to be an obnoxious, young, and balloon headed character, who constantly disrespects his soccer teammates. However, Jamie Tartt, rumored to be inspired by soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo to Jack Grealish, making himself shown as an incredible player on the pitch who just seems to lack skill in being cooperative. However, in season two, and by the series finale, Jamie Tartt redeems himself and genuinely illustrates one of the best character redemptions I have ever seen. In fact, by the end of the series, Jamie Tartt not only changes his appearance by growing in long hair, but also grows in character, becoming one of the most likable characters presented. 


Ted Lasso and Jamie Tartt are only two of the incredible figures that undergo impressive character development, but I will leave you to check the rest on your own. In short, Ted Lasso will quickly make itself clear that it is worth your time. Through dwelling into serious topics to funny moments, Ted Lasso is sure to leave you with a strong attraction to its characters. Although Ted Lasso has reached its finale in just three seasons, it will end with a smile on your face despite any bittersweetness.