Hawks’ reaction to Homecoming Week

Marin Blaya

Photo by Dr. Thomas Kinder

Despite some student disapproval of the pep rally, most students really enjoyed the other Homecoming Week activities. Our big Homecoming parade with our Hawks riding on the floats and celebrating the fun fall sports was invigorating and inspiring for the weekend’s activities.

The big Homecoming game was a great success with a victory of 49 to 14 against Justice High School. 

While the parade and the game were a hit, some Hawks were not as impressed with Homecoming and the pep rally. 

“I enjoyed the game and the parade. I got to be in it. But the dance and pep rally was way too hyped. They just were very boring and didn’t have much action,” freshman Jayden Mosely said.

Photo by Dr. Thomas Kinder

Others enjoyed the full Homecoming experience.

“I enjoyed the whole Homecoming week. I thought that the dance was awesome and that the football game was great especially with varsity doing so well beating Justice High School and all the spirit days. I really enjoyed the homecoming week,” sophomore Landon Jacobson.