Countdown to Winter Break: Fun Things to do this Holiday Season


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Happy Holidays, Hawks! As of December 1st, this is H2Ns official countdown to winter break at Hayfield Secondary. Every school day from now to December 16th we’ll provide recipes, movies, and fun things to do near Alexandria!

Day Seven & Eight: December 9th and 12th

Movie Marathon

Good morning, hawks! We’ve decided to combine days seven and eight. For todays activity, we have a Harry Potter movie marathon, complete with a recipe for homemade butterbeer. This is perfect to do over break!

Talon Marks

Day Six: December 8th 

12 Days of Christmas items

Good morning, hawks! The local produce store Nalls, which is near Hayfield secondary, has special items on discount for twelve days! You can visit them in person or order online. This is perfect if you want to visit a farm stands with fresh fruits and vegetable. They’re also currently selling Christmas trees! Enjoy!

Nalls Produce courtesy of Patch

Day Five: December 7th

Winter Walk of Lights

There is officially a weeks work of school until winter break! Todays activity will put you in the holiday spirit and is a perfect thing to do when we finally get off school! The Meadowlark Gardens Winter Walk of Lights in Vienna will be running until Jan. 8. Ticket prices vary based on when you decide to go, and the link below will take you to where you can buy them! Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Northern Virginia Magazine


Day Four: December 6th

Baking on a Rainy Day

Happy Tuesday, hawks! Due to todays cloudy and rain filled forecast, we have the perfect recipe, which was shared by Taylor Swift a couple of years back. These chai cookies are festive and would go well with a cup of tea or coffee! You can make these while listening to her music, or even when listening to our Day Three holiday playlist! Have a great day!

Joy the Baker

Day Three: December 5th

Holiday Music

It’s day three, hawks! To get into the holiday spirit, we’ve linked a playlist on Spotify for you with instrumental music you can play while studying or hanging out. You can even play it while making peppermint bark, which we have a recipe for in day one! Enjoy!

2022 Farmers Almanac

Day Two: December 2nd

Skating on the Mall

Happy Friday, Hawks! Todays activity is in the heart of DC, where you can go ice skating in the sculpture garden attached to the National Gallery of Art. This is a perfect winter activity to do, and it’s made accessible by taking the metro. The link below has the price of skate rentals and tickets available. Over the weekend you can even skate until 11pm. Make sure to bundle up!

Fare Harbor

Day One: December 1st

Peppermint Bark

Happy December 1st, Hawks! This marks the first day of H2Ns official holiday countdown to winter break. To get you into the holiday spirit, today we’re recommending a sweet treat for you to enjoy. This easy, no-bake white chocolate peppermint bark is perfect to share with friends. And you only need four ingredients! This recipe is from Taste of Home, and the link is below. Stay tuned for tomorrows surprise activity!

White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Recipe photo by Taste of Home