Gymnastics team wins district 6 times in a row


Gymnastics team on the podium after winning National District. Photo by Marin Blaya

Marin Blaya and Julianne Jouve

The Hayfield gymnastics team has won districts for the sixth time in a row, in a meet they have been training for all winter. It was a great way for the three seniors Cassidy Mazyck, Adrianys Margary, and Danielle Currier to end off their senior year.

This gymnastics season has been full of energy, passion and hard work from all of the gymnasts: Alexis Murray, Morgan Lindstrom, Abby Christianson, Jasmin Rosa, Julianne Jouve, Adrianys Margary, Cassidy Mazyck and Danielle Currier. They couldn’t have gotten this sixth win without Coach Pennow, Coach O and Coach Kate training them all winter season to be the best that they could be by pushing them beyond their limits.

“[We are] very proud of the growth that the girls have shown from November to February, their trust in us as coaches, they are willing to make adjustments and changes, has proven itself in how successful we were. [We’re also] very tenacious, very determined and probably the most hard working team we’ve ever seen,” Coach Pennow said.

Mazyck won first place at each apparatus and all around best performer. Jouve was fifth place all around. Danielle Currier was third place on the beam. Lindstrom and Murray had an amazing floor routine and Rose and Christianson scored great on bars. Congratulations to them and the coaches for keeping up the “Hawk Pride”.

To celebrate the victory, Coach O and Coach Pennow hosted a private pizza and karaoke party for the gymnasts to sing their hearts out and have fun all together. The team really pulled it together being great to one another almost like a family. Practice doesn’t do everything, their friendship is also what brought them to victory.

“The fact that they like each other, being around one another and they don’t recognize who’s a freshman, who’s a senior it truly has been a team vibe the entire season,” Pennow said.

Gymnastics team celebrating their big win. Photo by Marin Blaya