A guide to electives in 2023


Katerina Floros, Staff Writer

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year, course selection! As you walk around the halls, so many electives are fighting for your attention. Courses have a minimum amount of students enrolled to be offered, otherwise they can’t happen. And with only two or three elective slots in a normal schedule, it can be a difficult choice.

Advanced Composition

Also known as the Hawk Writing center, Advanced Comp is all about improving your writing and tutoring other people. You’ll earn service hours by tutoring peers and you get to meet so many new people! You will need to apply to join, but applications are due by March 1st.

AP Music Theory

Hopefully making its return this year is AP Music Theory. In this class, you’ll learn about the processes of music. By the end of the year, you’ll be able to sight sing and notate music by ear! This class does end with an AP test, depending on our score this will give you the equivalent of up to two semesters of college introductory music theory.

Auto Tech

Auto tech teaches you the basics of working with cars. With class levels 1-4, there’s a place for everyone. It’s a hands-on class, which sometimes requires you to get a little messy. After taking a safety test, you’ll begin with fixing minor breaks and disassembling and reassembling cars. Auto tech is really important for later in life, you never know when you can use what you’ve learned!

Film Studies

Film studies requires a lot of analysis and discussion. In this class you’ll analyze the history of films, the processes required to create films, and camera angles. You’ll also have specific units focusing on famous directors! There’s also a project element, you’ll get to present your own short film by the end of the class.


No matter what type of journalism you are interested in, Hayfield has options for you. If you’re interested in writing stories for H2N, Journalism is for you. But If you’d like to help assemble the yearbook, take Photojournalism. Broadcast Journalism takes a different approach, making the episodes of Hawk TV you watch in SOAR.


Similar to journalism, there are multiple types of marketing classes offered at Hayfield. Depending on your interests, there’s intro to marketing, sports marketing, fashion marketing, and an advanced marketing class.


Yoga is a mindfulness based class. You’ll spend time outside, complete yoga workouts, learn about the body systems, do mindfulness meditation, and complete journal entries. There is even a planned field trip to YogaSix! This class is perfect if you’re looking to have a relaxed environment to move your body and find peace in your day. 


Besides what’s been covered here, there are so many electives such as cosmetology, early childhood careers, personal fitness, and engineering. With this many options, there is a place for everyone at Hayfield.