Successful first 10 games for Freshman Basketball team


Micah Dargan-Coley, Staff Writer

The Hayfield Hawks freshman basketball team has been on a 9 win streak coming out of their 10th game 9-1. From blowing out teams to close nail biting games many of the players had similar opinions on how they felt about these first 10 games.


#12 AJ Moore

Moore thanked many of his teammates for passing the ball and grabbing rebounds to put him in position to score. Moore was asked how he felt about the first 10 games and said “honestly they were easy, we played no competition to be honest.” Moore said Lebron James and Ja Morant are his biggest inspirations, and also included that his coach is a big motivator in their wins and losses. 


#11 Jayden Purifoy

Purifoy was asked about who motivates the team the most and he said “I don’t know we all are team players. We hype each other up. He also stated that  their coach is always getting on them in practice and during games but motivates them into winning all those games.  Purifoy said that even though he dropped 0 points one game they still ended up winning because they weren’t good.


#22 Aidon Robertson

Robertson said that point guard Roy Coles was the team’s biggest motivator other than Coach Abella. Aidon said that Coach Abella sees that they can do better in their losses and motivates them into their wins. Robertson that he feels great about only losing one game out of the first 10 played.


#3 Christian Wilburn

Wilburn said that he felt great they had a couple of blowouts in the team’s first ten games, and that the rotation of first and second team was “on point and knocking down 3 pointers and playing good defense.” He also mentioned that Roy Coles, Jayden Purifoy, and Aiden Moore were the biggest motivators and leaders of the team. Wilburn said that Coach Abella was one of the best coaches he’s ever had in his basketball career.


The Hawks are currently 12-2.