Underrated Drake songs

Underrated Drake songs

Owen Kashawlic, Staff Writer

Is Drake one of your favorite artists? Well, he’s one of my favorites, and these are some of my favorite underrated songs from him.

Tuscan Leather

Tuscan Leather was the intro song to “Nothing Was The Same”. This song wasn’t a typical Drake intro as it has 3 beats, is over 6 minutes long, and doesn’t include strong vocals or melodic rapping. Throughout the song Drake raps about how well his 2011 album, “Take Care”, performed along with talking himself up as one of the greats. The three beats in the song help the song flow as well as give the song a different feel to other Drake songs. To this day this is still one of, if not the best intro songs Drake has produced. 

Paris Morton Music 

This song was officially released in Drake’s “Care Package” album. This song has a mix of R&B and slow nice vocals along with his usual rap. The instrumentals in this song help bring out his vocals in the opening minute along with helping move the song along. During the chorus Drake goes back to the slow melodic vocals.


Look What You’ve Done

This song is off of Drake’s 2011 “Take Care” album. The first verse of this song takes you on the journey of Drake’s rise to stardom starting in 2009, rapping about old lovers, his relationship with his mom, getting signed, working with Lil Wayne, and making his family proud. In the second verse he raps about his high school years along with talking about his grandmother and uncle. Overall Drake shows off his storytelling in this song.