Finding the good in independency

A quote on independency

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A quote on independency

Nabila Haq, Staff Writer

As it’s the last day of Women’s History month, talking about the value of independence and how to love it is a good way to end it off. I believe that having a bit of independence is important and good to have, because it increases self motivation, it can be a form of self care, and can reduce social and emotional stress.

Being independent is the capability of doing daily tasks, but depending on yourself only. It can help out with a lot of struggles, including having enough friendships and relationships. Independence is good for self motivation, and can help increase it. When you have some time to yourself, it can make you more motivated to finish tasks on your own since you have to depend on yourself only. This does go the same way for how it can encourage self care, or how it helps with practicing it. Having some alone time can also lessen the amount of social and emotional stress. It may sound crazy, but taking a break from social interaction or events is actually healthy for the mind, and is a distressing method. Taking some time off of social life can also recharge your social battery.

Yet, there could still be some rebuttals against this. One of them being how independence is unhealthy, because it can cause declines to social health and increase chances of loneliness and depression. This statement isn’t entirely incorrect, since studies do show that self isolation can lead to unhealthy risks and habits. But having some independence is actually healthy, for growth and becoming a better person.

According to a nice article called, “The Importance of Being Independent” by, it is proven that being independent isn’t always a bad thing. It states that being alone can also lead to having healthier, longer lasting relationships with those around you. There’s a couple of reasons why that is, such as believing in yourself more, figuring out more about yourself, and becoming emotionally stronger. Having these can link to having healthy relationships and mindsets.

All of these reasons are why having a bit of independence in life can be good for you, and why it’s a symbol of empowerment and self assurance. For helping out with self-motivation, practicing self care more often, and for reducing social and emotional stress.