The time a JPOP boy group performed at Hayfield


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Jaslyn Truong, Co Editor In Chief

Everyone can agree that this 2022-2023 school year at Hayfield has been nothing short of excitement. From being back to back boys basketball state champions, a sold out INIGHT, back to back football district champions, etc. this school year has been nothing but fun. After Friday, March 24, Hayfield can now add that a famous Japanese boy group came to the school and performed onto the list of exciting things that have happened this year. 

Coming all the way from Japan to perform at Washington D.C. for the Spring Cherry Blossom Festival, TRAVIS JAPAN were in Virginia for the past weekend. Hayfield’s Japanese teacher, Ms. Vaughn, has connections to the Japanese embassy and entered Hayfield Secondary into a raffle for a surprise and special performance from them. After winning the raffle, immediately there were posters posted around the school advertising and spreading the word that TRAVIS JAPAN was coming to Hayfield. 

TRAVIS JAPAN is a seven member boy group that debuted in Japan last year on October 28th, 2022 with their bright pop single, “JUST DANCE!”. The members include Kaito Miyachika, Kaito Nakamura, Ryuya Shimekake, Noel Kawashima, Shizuya Yoshizawa, Genta Matsuda, and Kaito Matsukura. They also performed at America’s Got Talent which showcased their charm and charisma to the world. In Japan, they have sold out arenas with thousands of people, making it clear that this group was something to be excited about for Hayfield students and teachers. 

In order to attend TRAVIS JAPAN’s performance, classes have to individually sign up. The boy group performed in the gym, where only one half of the bleachers were pulled down for students and teachers to sit and watch. To say the gym was filled for TRAVIS JAPAN is an understatement, it was absolutely filled to the brim with students and teachers. There were some students who had to stand on the side because there was no room on the bleachers. The area was filled with chatters of excitement for the boy group’s performance. 

When TRAVIS JAPAN came out onto the gym floor, there were screams everywhere. Adorned with brightly colored varsity jackets, the group looked at the students with excitement and smiles. They first introduced themselves and showcased their individual charm, with one of them doing a backflip! After a quick Q&A session to get to know the group more, they taught students and teachers a dance move from their song, “JUST DANCE!”. The varsity dance team and selected teachers got to perform on the gym floor with the group sparking laughter from the crowd. 

To end off their visit to Hayfield, TRAVIS JAPAN delivered a spectacular and engaging performance of “JUST DANCE!” which resulted in many cheers and screams from Hayfield. However, just because their performance ended did not mean Hayfield students were ready to say goodbye. Students rushed down the bleachers towards the boy group exiting the gym in order to get a picture with them. Some were able to get a picture, but others were gushing over just being able to touch one of the members’ jackets. 

Needless to say, TRAVIS JAPAN’s performance at Hayfield is one of the many highlights of the 2022-2023 school year. It is an honor and a privilege for them to have visited and performed at Hayfield!

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