A few music artists to listen to


Gracie Abrams

Nabila Haq, Staff Writer

If you’re ever having trouble on which music artists to listen to or just want to discover new types of music, don’t worry because I have a couple. Here are three singers to start loving, because they all have the best singles and albums.

Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams is currently a twenty-three year old singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, who released a couple of amazing albums such as Minor, This is what it feels like, and Good Riddance. Gracie’s popularity started when she released her most streamed songs called I miss you, I’m sorry, I know it won’t work, Where do we go now, and Feels Like. Her songs mainly focus on heartbreak, growing as a person, and self-discovery. As proof, her debut album, Good Riddance, is about surrendering to change and being okay with it. She also stated that she fell in love with the writing process of making her albums. As a kid, she always loved to journal alone and found it as a sort of coping mechanism before talking to other people about her feelings. From then on, she started using her journaling skills to write the songs we know and love her for today. Gracie’s love for writing, her emotional lyrics, and soulful voice are all reasons why she is my favorite artist and why she can be yours too. 

Lyn Lapid

Coming next is Lyn Lapid. Lyn is a growing music artist from Maryland, in the genre of bedroom pop. Her songwriting and amount of effort she puts into her music is really amazing as well. Lyn’s popularity started out with a viral song she made back in 2020 called, ‘Producer Man’ that got more than fifty-million views on Tiktok before it was officially released. Since then, she has made a lot more viral hits such as In My Mind, Do u Really, Infinite, Detached, Saturn, and many more. The same goes for her recently- made ep called The Outsider. She also featured with a couple of famous singers and producers, like Ruth B. and Ted Fresco. Lyn’s music is actually really diverse, since each of them have different meanings and tunes. Some of her songs focus on heartbreak, betrayal, and isolation, while some of them on contentment, freedom, and romance. Nonetheless, they are all perfect for listening to in whichever mood you’re in, which is why Lyn Lapid is also a great artist to keep in mind.

Conan Gray

Conan Gray is for the last, and there is a lot about him you should know. Conan is a twenty four year-old budding pop singer from California, who has made several viral hits with his passionate and creative songwriting as well. His current albums are called Sunset Season, Kid Krow, and Superache. Along with his most streamed songs such as Heather, Memories, Maniac, People Watching, and Astronomy, which are all about sharing an emotional bond with others. Conan’s platform actually started on Youtube, where he would talk about his interests, vlog, and post song covers on. He was a pretty well-known and loved Youtuber, but he really started to become famous when his still-trending song called ‘Heather’ from Kid Krow blew up on Tiktok back in 2020. As of now, he is a popular singer of Gen-Z with a lot more of his songs getting the love that Heather got. Conan Gray’s music is a great choice, because his songs are inspiring in a way that makes people feel a little less lonely or scared about their feelings.

So those are all the music artists I’d recommend you to explore and listen to when you are in need of new music!