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Yahia Omar, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

A guide to academy classes

Tessa Pilla
Inside fashion careers classroom at Fairfax highschool

Hayfield has many elective options including band, theater, journalism, yearbook, and many more. However, everyone at Hayfield has a range of different interests as well as future job aspirations. The electives that are offered at Hayfield don’t fully cover everyone’s interests, which brings up the option of Academy classes. Academy classes are available to students with any type of interest that they aspire to pursue. It’s a unique opportunity that not every FCPS high school offers. In fact, Hayfield does not have Academy classes. Therefore, for those interested in participating in the Academy classes, they attend classes held at other schools. These classes are perfect for high school students who are passionate about a certain subject or interest.


Who can take an Academy class?


Courtesy of Tessa Pilla. Mannequins for academy students taking fashion careers.

Grades sophomore through senior are able to take an Academy class. The classes however will take up a huge chunk of the student’s time for the overall class as well as travel periods no matter your transport. Your ability to be accepted into the class can also be based on your past work related to the class. 


How do you take an Academy class?


Junior Tessa Pilla taking Fashion Careers at Fairfax High School, said that the class was extremely picky with choosing who to allow into it. 


This is not the case for all though, as Sophomore Carly Meyer who is taking Dance 1 at Edison High School said that all she had to do for her class was sign-up and she got approved. Her class wasn’t very picky at all.


The classes differentiate based on grade level and overall class level you take.


How do you get to an Academy class?

The modes of transportation to academy classes vary depending on your age. Students over 16 who own a car and license may drive themselves to their school. Whereas if you are under 16 ,or just don’t own a car or license, you would take the bus that is offered to get to and from your school. Meyer takes the bus and said she gets through her free time on the bus by both relaxing and getting schoolwork done. On the other side of things, Pilla drives her car to and from her Academy Class. Although her gas prices have gone up tremendously, Pilla said, she still enjoys the free time before class to relax.


What importance do Academy classes have to your future career plan?


Academy classes not only are perfect for you to do what you find interesting but also to help open up opportunities in the future. Junior Alana Shue, taking Teachers of Tomorrow at Edison High School, said she is getting amazing opportunities from her class that will help her with her future career path. As well as Shue, Pilla said that her class helps her open up many opportunities for her career she strives for in the future.

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    JamieDec 6, 2023 at 2:37 pm

    This was so helpful! i’ve been interested in academy classes and now i know more!