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What is your least favorite art medium?

Photo by Pixabay

With the wide range of mediums inside the art realm, people are bound to have their favorites. But with all favorites, comes the least favored.

“Pastels [are my least favorite]…they are too messy for me,” junior Ellie Spencer said.

Some artists believe certain art supplies aren’t worth the hassle.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

“Oil paint [is] so hard to [use] you can’t use water with it,” senior Wirada Hirunkij said. 

Senior Giada McGillin explains why clay is her least favorite. 

“I don’t like those [tools] you know when you are working with clay? Yeah, I don’t like clay. [And] it never goes the way I want it to y’know?” 

Similar to Giada, Jennifer Lisseth Saucedo Rivas, a senior as well, says her reason for not liking clay was “not being able to handle it.” Even the art teachers at Hayfield have mediums they hate. Mr. Waldrip , the studio (traditional) art teacher states his last choice for creation. 

“I try to avoid using linoleum for printmaking. It is a material used to carve out images and sceneries,” Waldrip said. His reason for his disliking is extremely valid. “It’s flimsy and after sometime it starts to dry out. I would much rather carve into wood than linoleum.”

Mrs. Breton, who teaches digital art rather than studio, gives her opinion. 

Photo by Taryn Elliott

“My least favorite is watercolor. When I was learning to paint, I was using oil paint, which is very slow drying, so it gives you the chance to work slowly…Watercolor works in the reverse,” Breton said. “You’re working from light to dark…you can’t bring [the colors] back again after you’ve painted over them.”

In my own opinion, my least favorite medium is definitely any textile medium. Fabrics, yarn, embroidery, all of the thread mediums are so difficult to get into and deal with. I admire the artists who can create works of art that lay on a body or on the wall in the form of a tapestry. One of the most amazing parts about art is the vast number of ways to express your creativity. Everyone luckily has their favorites, but it might always be more interesting to find the hatred some artists have for certain supplies. 

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