Winter break countdown: Gifts, recipes, movies, music, and fun this winter!

Day 10: Happy Holiday Hawks!

Winter break countdown: Gifts, recipes, movies, music, and fun this winter!

Hi everyone! As winter break is just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to have recommendations on things to do to enjoy during winter break. There will be a new recommendation or countdown everyday until we get to break!

Day Ten: 

Hello Hawks! For our very last day of the countdown, we’ve decided to give you a list of holiday episodes from famous tv shows! Over break, if you ever get bored, you can just find your favorite and binge! We hope you have a wonderful and amazing break, stay safe, healthy, and happy Hawks! See you next year, Hawk Pride! 

Day Nine:

Unfortunately for most people living in Virginia, it is usually lucky to get a good snowfall once or twice per winter season. However, should that white precipitation make its way to your doorstep through these next few weeks, we’ve developed a top ten suggestions of some exciting and enthralling activities to pass the time while you endure the falling white mist:

  1. Snowball fights with friends/family
  2. Sledding/tubing/skiing/snowboarding
  3. Building a snow fort
  4. Building and decorating a snowman
  5. Finding a spot to snow hike
  6. Snow sports
  7. Snow angels
  8. Ice sculpting
  9. Tye-dying the snow
  10. Snowy photoshoot 

Day Eight: 

Another fun part of the holiday season is the fashion and dressing up! Despite what some may believe there are certainly ways to be fashionable and warm at the same time. Below, is a list of clothing essentials that are our favorites for the winter season!

The “Rory Gilmore” Sweater: No matter the occasion, a white cable knit sweater is a go to option for many. It’s comfortable and cute!

Here is a link to a dupe: Rory Gilmore Sweater 

Iconic Black Puffer: Another needed piece of clothing that embodies winter fashion is a puffer jacket. Whether it’s from North Face or in multiple colors, these jackets will never go out of style. 


Flannels: Cute, comfy, and style all in one. Flannels will always be universal, and are super cute during the winter!

Fluffy socks & tights: It’s also very cold during the winter season, however staying warm can also be done in the cutest ways. With cute socks, tights, or any other winter accessories are easy ways to spice up your fashion!

Day Seven:

What’s a holiday season without some festive lighting décor? Holiday light setups can be some of the most beautiful things to check out during this time of year, especially if it’s to the extreme. If you’re on the hunt for somewhere to find such displays, fear not, for we have done it for you! Enter Marshall Pond Christmas Village, a beautiful tradition by several neighbors to go all out and show off their decorating skills. So grab some pals and drive on over for a most beautiful sight this winter break.

Day Six:

Another delicious dessert to make is a mug cake, which, in case you don’t know, is simply a cake eaten out of a mug. Here is a simple recipe that only takes approximately two minutes to make.

To continue the theme of recommendation, here are our individual favorite movies to watch during the holidays! Hopefully you can utilize these choices to enjoy next to your newly crafted mug cake.

Jaslyn: A movie I enjoy watching during winter is definitely Home Alone. It’s funny, entertaining, and gets me in the holiday spirit.

Andrew: I’ll go with A Christmas Story for mine. An older movie filled with classic jokes that I love to watch with my family during the holiday season.

Ava: Elf follows Buddy, who grew up in the North Pole believing he was a real Elf, sets out on a journey to find his real father after finding out the truth about his heritage.

Day Five: 

Hi everyone! Rounding out our double weekend posts is a piece focused directly on many people’s favorite part of the holidays: gifts! Whether you’re prepping for Christmas, late on Chanukah, or you just want to make someone’s day, our writers have compiled a list of six individual gifts that you can purchase this holiday season:

LED Lights | $24.99 |

Burt’s Bees Gift Set | $14.87 | 

Laptop Stickers | Ranging | |

Flannel Jacket | $29.99 |

Ring Set | $15.97 |

Fake Succulents/Plants For Room Décor | $20.39 (contains 14 pieces!) |

These gifts are suitable for everyone, and hopefully these ideas are perfect to give to someone in your life!

Day Four: 

Happy weekend Hawks! Hopefully your second week of the Thanksgiving break to winter break stretch was finished off strong, and you’re resting for the final week of the calendar year. For today’s post, we’ve collected a multitude of places where you can lace up the skates and hit the ice. If you prefer the great outdoors, be sure to check out the Pentagon Row ice skating rink and the Ice and Lights event out at Cameron Run.

Pentagon Row


Mount Vernon Ice Rink

For those of you who fancy some slightly warmer skating, Mount Vernon Rec Center and Medstar Capitals Iceplex are the venues for you. It doesn’t matter if you prefer inside or outside, hockey skates or figure skates, there is always an opportunity for fun!

Day Three:

Happy Day 3 of our winter break countdown everyone! You have all worked hard this week, and there is only one more left to go. End the week by treating yourself to a delicious snack. Something that is delicious to make is the Jewish treat latkes, meant to symbolize the miracle of Chanukah! Latkes are potato pancakes that can be enjoyed both savory or sweet (served with applesauce, ketchup, or sour cream) so enjoy to your preference. 

Here is a recipe to make them, and hopefully you will try something new!

Day Two:

Welcome to day 2 of our daily countdown to winter break! With one day down, we’re now taking a look at a Spotify playlist featuring several instrumentals and calming melodies that can be used to help you study for any big exams you may have coming up during the next handful of school days.

Here is the link to the playlist:

For other musical recommendations, here are our personal favorites to listen to during winter:

Jaslyn: Every winter, I always play my favorite Christmas EP by Ariana Grande, “Christmas & Chill”. Filled with pop, trap, and calming songs, it is definitely a favorite to play during the cold season because of its variety. My personal favorite song is “Winter Things”. 

Ava: Every year in December, Phoebe Bridgers releases a new holiday song/cover. In 2020, it was ‘If We Make It Through December’, a cover of Merle Haggard’s song from 1974.

Andrew: Despite being Jewish, I’m going to have to go with a Christmas classic: Jingle Bell Rock. Nothing beats walking around my grandparent’s Missouri home late at night with Bobby Helms bellowing throughout the halls.

Day One:

A movie you may want to watch this winter is Gingerbread Miracle, a Hallmark movie with a very entertaining and romantic plot.  About two old high school friends who work together to sell their uncle’s Mexican bakery during Christmas, the bakery is also famous for its gingerbread cookies that grant wishes!

When watching the movie, to get into spirit, you may want to bake gingerbread cookies! Below is an easy recipe that makes delicious gingerbread cookies to enjoy.

There is more to come, so stay tuned!