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Yahia Omar, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

The success of Mary Poppins

Abigail Chaffin
Dramahawks performing in Mary Poppins which ran from October 19-21.

On October 19, 2023, the Hayfield Dramahawks production of Mary Poppins opened its curtains for the first time featuring this beloved musical. The show saw great success breaking the school’s fall show ticket record selling a total of 1,681 tickets. Actors, dancers, and technicians worked long and hard to put on a great show, but the real question is how did they get there?

Aside from the talent, posters around the school helped bring attention to the production.

“We had a bigger team and were able to advertise more than before,” Sophomore Mary Copeland said. She is the publicity captain and actress who played Mrs.Brill.

However, despite the Hawks’ record breaking numbers it wasn’t always looking good.

“I think the biggest challenge was just the amount of work that goes into it. There are so many different technical things that, until you are a week or two out from the show, it’s really hard to know what the show is going to be like,” Copeland said.

It was down to the wire for the Hayfield Hawks to pull the show together.

“We changed the entire set plan two days before the show,” sophomore Madison Beisner, a stage manager for Mary Poppins, said.

So, instead of waiving the white flag, they prepared to open the curtains. The Dramahawks came together.

“We took it upon ourselves to work outside of rehearsals and get all of the details of the set that we didn’t have time for in the rehearsals,” Beisner said.

“We have such a hardworking community in the Dramahawks that exemplifies our talent. It has been my favorite show that I have done in all four years I have been a part of the program,” senior Jordyn Sooley, who played Winifred Banks, said.

This shows the hard work and dedication that all members of the Dramahawks put into making this show a success.

“I hope this will spread awareness and show that we are here, I hope to keep building this community and get people back to enjoying theater,” Beisner said

Mary Poppins is a charming, family-friendly musical that is loved by many. The Hawks took on this production for the first time since its inaugural season back in 2015-2016. Since then, the program has grown into what we see it today.

With the success of the fall show the Hawks continue to soar. As people continue with this school year I think it is important to recognize the talent and work that goes into providing our school with amazing productions.

Without the hard work of directors, actors, techies, sponsors, and everyone in the community who supports our Hawks the program wouldn’t be where it is.




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